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Tetrabor Hand Hones
Polishing Products

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Product Description

Tetrabor Hand Hones are made from pure Boron Carbide grain. Boron Carbide after Diamond is the hardest material available. These tools render themselves useful for dressing carbide tools of any quality and shape. They give the tool a hard cutting edge which is otherwise only available by using diamond hones. Tetrabor Hand Hones have a great surface abrasion resistance and the wear is insignificant and they are therefore very economical to use. The price of hones is approximately the same as the price of diamond hones, but their life expectancy is double. They will last approximately five to ten times as long as the so called "Carbide Stones", as they are a sintered harder bond then found in Diamond Hones or Carbide Stones. Tetrabor Hand Hones have proven themselves to be useful for breaking sharp edges on carbide tools in tool and cutter grinding departments where it is expedient to break the sharp edge which is obtained from grinding these tools on diamond and green wheels. Due to the breaking of these edges, flaking of the carbide tool is prevented. It can also be used for touching up a tool in the lathe or milling machine or whenever the tool is clamped in order to finish a job. Tetrabor Hand Hones have handles for easy use and are available in three shapes, flat, triangular and half round in two grits in each shape, 220 and 400.

We also offer Diamond Hones for the customers that desire to compare, finish, life and cutting ability. The Diamond Hones are a metal bond and pricing is competitive to the Tetrabor Hand Hones. 

Shape      Order Number                     Size     H X W X L X OAL        Grit

Flat          TBHH-FM - Blue Tetrabor   0.313" X 0.625" X 1.375" X 6" Med 220 

Flat          TBHH-FF - Green Tetrabor 0.313" X0.625" X 1.375" X 6"  Fine 400

Triangular TBHH-TM - Yellow Tetrabor 0.313" X .0625" X 1.375" X 6" Med 220

Triangular TBHH-TF - Red Tetrabor 0.313" X .0625" X 1.375" X 6" Fine 400

Half Round TBHH-HRM - White Tetrabor 0.313" X 0.625" X 1.375" X 6" Med 220

Half Round TBHH-HRF - Black Tetrabor 0.313" X 0.625" X 1.375" X 6" Fine 400

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