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Miniature Diamond Grinding Wheels Sintered
Micro Finishing

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Product Description

The Titan Miniature Shaped Diamond Grinding Wheels have Diamond Grains throughout. This multiple layer of abrasive leads to a long life. The application and type of Air or Electric Grinder used to power them is similar to Standard Shaped Diamond Wheels. The Shank Diameter is 2.35mm" and 35mm long.

For safety's sake, we recommend that goggles be worn when using these wheels and that at least 1/2 of the shank length be carefully mounted in the holding chuck or collets.

The wheels can be dressed with a 100 grit Aluminum Oxide for Silicone Carbide Dressing Stone which is available from Titan.

Each pin is also color coded designating the grit.

Blue - 80/100 Grit     Yellow - 140 Grit     Green - 170 Grit

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