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Hand Stones - Square Shaped
Micro Finishing

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Product Description

Square shape dimensions - 4" X .400" X .400"

The Titan M.C. Series Hand Stones are used in Polishing, Burring and Finishing Stones. They can be easily recognized by their blackish-green color. The chief element in these stones is Boron Carbide, an extremely hard material next to Diamond in the Mohr Scale.

In the M.C. Series, Boron Carbide has been combined with a tough bond that allows the individual crystals to float freely, giving their maximum cutting action. The individual boron crystals have been specially honed to give an extra sharp cutting edge. The M.C. Stones have exceptional qualities as compared to regular polishing stones made out of silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and molded boron carbide "Hand Hones or Hand lappers" as they are sometimes called. Even compared to artificial ruby stones which are sintered, aluminum oxide and not bonded, the M.C. Stones prove their superiority. When compared to natural stones such as Hard Arkansas their exceptional qualities are easily proven.

Advantages of M.C. Stones:

  1. They are extremely hard and will cut any material from aluminum to carbide, to ceramics, all steels, brass, bronze, aluminum, beryllium and just about any material with the exception of diamond.

  2. They are break-proof, they can be dropped on a cement floor and will not break. Only with extreme pressure can they be broken.

  3. They will not clog in use, and can be used wet or dry on any material. If slight filling of pores appears to be evident, rubbing across the cutting surface with your thumb will clean them instantly.

  4. They retain their shape when in use as wear is minimal, yet they can be dressed to any shape quickly and easily on any coarse grit grinding wheel.

  5. They are manufactured in a complete range of 9 Grits, from 130 to 2000. All stones are painted on the front with an appropriate color coding for easy identification for desired grit.

Uses for M.C. Stones:

  1. Dressing carbide cutting tools after grinding to remove the minute burrs left by a "green silicone carbide wheel". They are much cheaper than Diamond Hones for this purpose and will retain their shape longer as the bond is harder.

  2. Polishing on plastic and die cast molds as they do not load.

  3. Finishing on hardened steel stamping dies or even carbide dies as the material does not matter.

  4. Cutting it to special shapes for unusual operations, a Diamond Slitting Saw will do this easily and quickly.



  • To hone edges on Carbide Cutting Tools use 130 Gray or 180 Yellow to start, and, finish with 500 Green.

  • Steel Dies: Breaking sharp grinding edges 360 Red. To hone edges on Carbide dies use 220 Blue.

  • To remove Electrical Discharge Scale on Dies or Molds, use 130 Gray or 180 Yellow.

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