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Fiber Optic Micro Probes

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Product Description

Individual Fiberoptic Probes - designed to illuminate hard-to-reach areas for visual inspection. The extension probes slip on and securely snap into place over the tip on the LED Illuminator handle or the FOMPIK Light Guide for a complete inspection system.

The extensions come in three different angles, 0 degrees (straight), 90 degrees, and 45 degrees, each in diameters of 0.120-in., 0.058-in., and 0.028-in. to reach and illuminate areas with otherwise limited access.

They  can be used with 48" long connecting fiber optic light guide which has to be inserted into the FOI-150 Halogen Light Source or our LuxPro-LED Light Source which are extra.

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Fiberoptic Light Guide Probes for FOMPIK