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ZMM - 45B Monocular Zoom Microscope

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Product Description

The ZMM - 45B has many similarities to the basic ZMM-1 Monocular Zoom Microscope. The principal differences that this unit enjoys is a 45 Degree eye tube versus the straight optical frame. It also offers a longer WORKING DISTANCE, LARGER MAGNIFICATION RANGE AND LARGER FIELD OF VIEW.

It has many uses. In manufacturing wherein these qualities are desirable such as assembly of miniature parts, alignment of Fiber Optic Cables, alignment on wafer slicing machines, and many other miniature electronic applications, checking castings for "Blow Holes", castings for metal structure, or any other application wherein a large range of magnifications in a single unit is helpful with or without the cross hair.

The long working distances and large field of view open up many applications not prevalent in the standard ZMM-1. The Universal stand for the ZMM - 45B allow for complete rotation of the microscope frame within its ring frame holder. The stand itself allows for any position of the microscope from vertical to horizontal or any intermediate point. The ZMM - 45B comes standard with the .75X to 3X Zoom Objective with the 20X Eyepiece. This allows for 15X to 60X Magnification. The purchase of the supplemental 10X Eyepiece allows a decrease from 7.5X to 30X Magnification. The further addition of the 2X objective lens (optional extra) allows magnification up to 120X. The ZMM - 45B can be made video compatible by purchasing the TSTVA-12 Video Adapter. The Video adapter is not Para focal. Illumination is accomplished by the FOI-150 150 Watt Halogen Illuminator and RI-34 Fiberoptic Ring Illuminator.
Advantages of ZMM - 45B:

Pillar Stand: Base 5" tapers to 4" in front casting. Post is 7.5" long by .500" diameter. Extra rods 5.5", 3" and 2.5" long respectively.

Body: Rack and Pinion focusing arrangement with adjustments possible 11" vertically by combining the long rods or 9" horizontally from vertical post by combining one short rod and one long rod.

Microscope Frame: Vertical section 6.50" long with the 4.625" long eye tube bent at a 45 degree angle to the main microscope frame with a plus or minus two diopters.

Eyepiece: 20X standard, 10X Optional, color coated

Image: Optically correct.

Objective: Zoom type internal objective with a 1:4 ratio with a 2X optional supplemental objective.


Add Item Accessories

ZMM-45B 2X Objective

ZMM-1/ZMM-45B 10X Cross Hair Eyepiece

ZMM-1/ZMM-45B 20X Cross Hair Eyepiece

ZMM-1/ZMM-45B 10X Eyepiece

ZMM-1/ZMM-45B 20X Eyepiece