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ZMM - 1 Monocular Zoom Micoscope

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Product Description

ZMM - 1 Shown in the Vertical Position. It is sometimes necessary to observe a work piece in a machine without disturbing the "Set-Up" or to view a given situation during assembly, or a complicated component to try to find cause for potential failure. Pin cracks, blow holes in castings, weave of cloth. These are but a few of the components that need periodic examination. It is further highly desirable to look at these pieces over a large range of magnifications without disturbing the set-up due to changing of lenses on the microscope. the zoom feature on the ZMM - 1 fulfills this function. The desirability of a zoom microscope is further enhanced by the constant focal length, great depth of field, large field of view at 15X, with a higher magnification and smaller field of view at the higher Magnification of 60X standard. The optional 30X to 120X Magnification is obtained by the purchase of the Extra 20X Eyepiece.

Advantages of ZMM - 1

  • Pillar Stand: 5.75" diameter, .750" thick cast plate with .500" diameter post 7.500" long. Extra accessory rods, 5.50", 2.50" and 2.50" respectively.
  • Monocular Eye Tube: 7.50" long with + or - 2 diopters.
  • Eyepieces: wide field color coated 10X. 20X Optional.
  • Objective: Zoom type, with a zoom ratio of 1:4, by rotating the knurled ring at the bottom of the objective lens.
  • Magnification: Ranges from 15X to 60X by adjustment of the Zoom knurl, with 10X Standard Eyepiece. 30X to 120X with optional 20X Eyepiece. Resolution in lines per millimeter: 15X to 60X is 57 to 161 lines. 30X to 120X is 71.8 to 203 lines per millimeter.
  • Image: Right side-up optically corrected by the use of a Prism in the Microscope.
    Working Distance: 2.50"
  • Field of View: The 10X Eyepiece varies from .680" at 15X to .134" at 60X Magnification. The 20X Eyepiece varies from .530" at 30X to .110" at 120X Magnification.

Optional 20X Eyepiece available at additional cost.
Optional 10X & 20X Crosshair Eyepieces available at additional cost.

The ZMM - 1 requires for Illimination the RI-23 Fiber Optic Ring Illuminator or the FOI-1 Split Bifurcated Light Guide and the FOI-150 150 Watt Fiber Optic Halogen Illuminator or the LuxPro-LED Fiber Optic Illuminator.


Add Item Accessories

ZMM-1/ZMM-45B 10X Cross Hair Eyepiece

ZMM-1/ZMM-45B 10X Eyepiece

ZMM-1/ZMM-45B 20X Cross Hair Eyepiece

ZMM-1/ZMM-45B 20X Eyepiece