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V-CAD Rapid

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Product Description

Accurate and precise measurement in a matter of seconds - smart and intuitive design

Intuitive measurement made easy See it - try it - believe it: reliable workpiece measurement has never been that fast featuring a single field-of-view - system with a variety of 2D measurement features, either in manual or fully automatic CNC operation. And design options go even further: depending on your specific needs and requirements, you can choose between two powerful Schneider software packages: M3 and award-winning SAPHIR QD. Many decades of experience in the design of high-precision multi-sensor measuring machines have gone into the development and manufacture of the V-CAD rapid series. V-CAD rapid stands for reliability you can count on, and values you can trust - made in Germany- made by Schneider Messtechnik.

Standard features of V-CAD rapid

5-megapixel CCD B/W camera

Telecentric 4-step motorized zoom lens

4 different fields of view for spot-on measurement

Telecentric LED transmitted light illumination

LED ring light illumination for incident light measurement

Multi-touch panel PC equipped with WIN7

LAN and WLAN network connection

Measurement software M3

Measurement and analysis software SAPHIR

Factory calibration certificate

Granite / aluminum sandwich design

Key benefits of V-CAD rapid

Automatic recognition of geometric primitives (basic shapes) without pre-selection

No need for manual workpiece alignment in the field of view

4-step motorized zoom lens for reliable measurement even of minute workpiece features

Measurement in a matter of seconds

Mobile design

Measurement software M3 with image processing feature

M3 is a measurement software with image processing features designed for use on a touch-screen panel PC. This valuable tool enables accurate and precise manual measurement of geometrical elements by means of an intuitive multi-touch operating system. Among its main strengths are the well-structured user interface as well as its innovative image processing functions ensuring fast and reproducible measurement point acquisition. All element-related reports can be displayed in both graphical and tabular format. The software also includes a tolerance checking feature in accordance with the pertinent DIN/ISO standards.