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Toolmakers High Magnification
Measuring Microscopes

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Product Description

The TM-8 and TM-10 Toolmakers High Magnification Microscopes were designed to bridge the gap between the TM-II (Zoom Objective 30X-160X Magnification) Toolmakers Microscope and the Modular Toolscope Single Objective Measuring and Alignment Microscopes.

The TM-8 and TM-10 Toolmakers Microscopes have designed into their system all the features necessary for high magnifications. They have the special advantage of a Coaxial Illuminator with a condenser and filter plus sub stage illuminator. An extra micro-screw ultra-fine depth focusing knob, in addition to the standard Rack & Pinion focusing, three objective lenses revolving nosepiece with a positive stop, depth measuring attachment with a zeroing screw and many other advantageous features.

Microscope Details & Specs

The TM-8 and TM-10 Toolmakers High Magnification Microscopes as purchased come with the following magnifications: 50X, 100X and 200X, with a 10X Eyepiece and 5X, 10X and 20X Objectives. A separate 20X Eyepiece can be purchased which will double all the above magnifications to 400X. The advantage of this is that you keep a long working distance. We then have available as optional extras separate objective lenses to the simplest of 1X and the highest of 40X. At 800X which can be obtained with the 40X Objective and 20X Eyepiece the measuring capabilities of the Eyepiece Reticle is greatly enhanced. It should be quite easy to measure in the X-Y axis to .00005" and the same depth measurements.

The only difference between the TM-8 and the TM-10 is the stages and their micrometers. The TM-8 has 2" travel stage in both the X & Y axis. The size of the stage is 6.00" X 6.00". The micrometers are 2" diameter with 1" travel with .0001" divisions. The extra travel is obtained through the use of gage blocks. The TM-10 has a 2" travel in the Y Axis and 6" travel in the X Axis. The X & Y Axis have zeroing screws so that the micrometer can always be set at an even number or zero as you start measuring. The range of the Y Axis micrometer is 2", the range of the X Axis is 1". Both have .0001" divisions. Digital Micrometers are available as separate options. The size of the TM-10 stage is 5.375" X 9.00". For holding small steel stampings, cutting tools, shafts and irregular shaped parts, may we recommend our Miniature Magnetic V Block No. 2076, or Large Magnetic V Block Model MV-50 or Magnetic Rectangular Block Model #250. Depth Measurement is obtained through a .0001" Division Mechanical or Electronic Indicator (not included). Any standard indicator with a .375" stem will work. This indicator is not furnished with the unit. The principal of in and out focus is used. Focus on the work piece area to be measured, zero the indicator, raise or lower the vertical coarse and fine adjustment to the new height or depth in focus and read the indicator for the difference. Optional protractor eyepiece AME-5M with accuracy of 5' of a degree is available as an optional extra.

If it is desirable to supplement the Coaxial illuminator with additional lighting, it is possible to purchase a separate RI-17 Ring Illuminator and FOI-150 Halogen Illuminator for Objective Lenses 1X to 5X. Any higher magnification objectives, the working distance is too short for this illuminator.

The capabilities of the TM-8 and TM-10 Toolmakers Microscopes are enhanced over the TM-II and TM-IV because of its ultra fine focus adjustment for Z Axis Measurements. This Allows repetitive Z Axis Measurements to accuracy's of .0002" or better, especially if further enhanced by VIDEO ADAPTATION. This is ideally suited in the ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY for SEMICONDUCTOR MEASUREMENTS of strain in lead frames, measurement of the height of bonded portion of lead wires, measurements of the height of solder on printed circuit boards, measurements of water bump height, for ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, measurement of projection of head on the VTR drum measurement of steps on hybrid IC, measurement of height of steps on Multi Layer P.C. Boards. It also lends itself to measurements of the depth of scoring on metal beer and beverage cans, depth of engraving on plastic molds and stamped electrical strips and wherever Z Axis Measurements of greater accuracy's are necessary. An extra 40X OBJECTIVE LENS AND 20X EYEPIECE can be purchased as OPTIONAL EXTRAS to further enhance the Z Axis or Depth Measurements. If X and Y Axis Measurements are combined with Z Axis, the application for the TM-8 and TM-10 become limitless.

This Microscope can be converted into a Videoscope

It is a simple procedure to turn the TITAN MEASURING MICROSCOPES into VIDEO SCOPES at a relative , minor expense. Model TM-8, TM-10 are easily converted by substituting the normal eyepiece for the TSTVA-12 VIDEO ADAPTER WITH RETICLE.

The advantages of viewing by video are:

  1. It alleviates eye strain for lengthy or continuous usage.
  2. Multiple viewing. More than one person can view the problem at the same time.
  3. Higher magnifications are possible. You can reach magnifications as high as 1300X with a 21" monitor and a 40X objective.
  4. The image can now be FROZEN, DIGITIZED or COMPUTERIZED.
  5. The image, when viewed on the VIDEO SCREEN, leads to better accuracy's as the video camera is not as accommodating as the human eye. This eliminates parallax problems in the X-Y Measuring Axis and better accuracy's in Z Axis Depth Measuring.

The TM-8 and TM-10 Toolmakers Microscopes can be converted by substituting the normal eyepiece for the Video Adapter, which has a C Mount thread to fit directly to the camera.

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