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Titan Cathetometer TC-II

Availability: In Stock

Product Description

The Titan Cathetometer is a precision optical instrument used for measuring vertical displacement in areas that are inaccessible to an indicator, scriber or other mechanical checking devices because of distance or combinations of blended curves. It is a Micro-Telescope which has a simple "Cross Hair" Reticle mounted in the eyepiece and vertical and horizontal divisions on the cross hairs combined with 2 concentric circles. It has an adjustable focal length from 4" to infinity. The Cathetometer can be attached to any standard American or Foreign Height Gauge 18" or larger by 1/4" X 1/2" holding bar, in place of an indicator or scriber attachment. Because of the light weight (1 lb.) it will level perfectly on even the lightest Height Gauge.


Pattern Shop and Foundry:
(a) Checking deep Core Boxes and Patterns.
(b) Checking masters made for 3 Dimensional Duplicating, especially if many curves and radiuses are involved.

Die and Machine Shops:
(a) Checking line-up of workpieces on machines.
(b) Checking vertical and horizontal alignment of electrode on Electrical Discharge Machines.
(c) Fast comparison of many similar workpieces as to holes, curves, etc., as comparison instrument.

Model Work:
(a) Correlating scale models as to the full-size finished workpiece.
(b) Checking Kellering Masters. Aligning and inspecting aircraft parts. Correlations between master templates and workpieces. Aligning workpieces on large planers and shapers.

Optical Data: Model TC - II

Focal Length: 4" to infinity by rotating the front eyetube.

Field of View:
4" - .375"
8" - 1.00"
12" - 1.50"
24" - 3.125"
36" - 5.00"
48" - 6.50"
Consistently increasing until infinity.

Image: Right side up, not inverted. Optically correct left to right.

Reticle: TC-II 90 Degree crosslines with equally spaced divisions and 2 concentric circles for vertical and horizontal alignment.

Light Source: Ambient light. No extra illumination is necessary.

Magnification as Microscope: 12.5X

Magnification as Telescope: 3.5X at 7"

Level: TC-II Accuracy of .0001" per foot. Weight: 1 lb.

It is important never to change the cross hair reticle adjustment on the Cathetometer while the instrument is in use. Otherwise errors result.

Operating Procedure:

  1. Attach Cathetometer to a Height Gauge.
  2. Place Height Gauge on surface plate or any other level flat surface.
  3. Looking through eyepiece, turn knurled knob by the eyepiece until the cross hair is in sharp focus.
  4. Adjust height approximately for the Cathetometer to line up with the object to be checked.
  5. Rotate knurled eyetube in front of Cathetometer until object is in sharp focus.
  6. Readjust height with fine adjustment to bring starting point in line with cross hair of Cathetometer. The fine adjustment on the Cathetometer can also be used for this purpose as well as for leveling the instrument as it is provided with its own liquid level to use when necessary.
  7. Having the Cathetometer lined up on the starting point, take a vernier reading on the Height Gauge beam. Move the Cathetometer on the vertical beam of the Height Gauge to the next point to be checked. Take a reading. subtract reading #1 from reading #2 and the distance between the two points is realized.
  8. Continue further readings following the same procedure.