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TVGM Videoscope

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Product Description


The New Titan TVGM Series Industrial Videoscopes

The new TVGM Mini series industrial videoscope is a new nondestructive testing instrument for precision machinery, casting, aviation, automotive and many other inspection needs.

Optical Inspection -The controller is equipped with high brightness LCD display, the ultra-small camera magnifies to clearly display the image on the 4.3 inches LCD touch display. It has high definition, high reliability, high stability, excellent field detection capability.

Precision Quality - The insertion tube is made of a tungsten alloy for excellent abrasion resistance, manual operation, 360 degree all-way articulation, self-locking, and is easy to operate with one hand.

Applications - This product is suitable for video inspection in small spaces, and can visually detect foreign objects, blockages, defects & comparative measuring capabilities inside automotive engine cylinder,

piston, valve and other carbon deposit detection) hydraulic, pneumatic parts, steel pipes, castings and containers; it can also be used for antiterrorism, search and other visual inspection needs.

Product Features - High resolution camera provides excellent picture quality; High sensitivity CMOS sensor ensures the observation in low light conditions. Camera: with high intensity LED illumination, 720P high pixel CMOS. Storage display: With the function of storing data in JPEG and AVI format, equipped with 32GB SD card. 

Replaceable Probe: Interchangeability design of controller and probe, the 3.9mm/6mm probe diameters and lengths of 1.5m and 3m can be quickly replaced to apply to more working conditions. Touch screen key and

function key: Touch screen and key dual operation control system, can quickly achieve recording, file access, parameter setting, etc.

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