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T.M.I. Diamond File Toolmakers Kit
Micro Finishing

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Product Description

T.M.I. Toolmakers Kit

The T.M.I. TOOLMAKERS INSPECTORS Diamond File Touch-Up Kit comprises the 5 most commonly used shapes of Round, Square, Three Square, Half-round and Flat. These files are not sold in individual shapes but only in set form.

The sets are sold in the 3 most popular grits: Coarse, Medium or Fine.

Overall Length: 5.50" Long
Length of Diamond: 2.75" Long

Grits Available:

80/100 (Coarse)
120/140 (Medium)
170/200 (Fine)

Sizes as follows:

Flat: 5.1mm X 0.9mm

Three Square: 2.7mm

Square: 2.9mm

Half Round: 3.8mm X 1.5mm

Round: 2.8mm

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