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TFLI Fluorescent Ring Illuminator

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Product Description

The TFLI Ring Illuminator is designed for Titan Stereo Microscopes; Models RX - II, TSZM - 6, FX - 3, FX - 4 and FX - 6. In all cases, they fit over the exterior of the supplemental Objective Lens. If the unit is being used without the add on objective, the Ring Adapter has to be purchased. They will fit competitive units with an objective diameter of 2.190" or smaller.

The basic Model TFLI Illuminator is a white light unit of fixed intensity of 6500 Deg. Kelvin 18 Watt Lamp and a completely grounded electrical system

Since the TFLI is a Fluorescent Ring, it is not an aimed beam of light with a focal point such as you find with our Fiber Optic Ring Illuminator and Halogen Light Sources. This Limits its usage when examining holes and cavities. It is most effective for Microscopes of short working distances and higher magnifications. The maximum effective working distance being approximately 5" or less. The lamp does generate heat and it is not a cold light as the Fiber Optic Ring Illuminators. It is however an inexpensive alternative.

Extra Black or Yellow Lamps are available for the TFLI Fluorescent Ring Illuminator on special order. Transformer requires: 115 V AC. 36" shielded cable from Transformer to Lamp housing. Lampshell and Transformer are grounded. Extra TFLI White Lamps are available from stock

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B-TFLI Bulb for TFLI Fluorescent Ring Illuminator