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Titan TCP-III Low Cost Centering Projector

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$375.00 $175.00
Product Description

The Model TCP-III can be fastened directly into the spindle of a machine. Its weight is evenly balanced and is as as light as possible to use in small cantilever type measuring machines. The projector can be centered directly to the mechanical axis of any spindle with two small X-Y adjustment screws located in the rear so that it will forever project a clean sharp image regardless of other lighting conditions.

The Model TCP-III has an optically correct image, not inverted, and the projected image on the screen is re-magnified by a 2X magnifier permanently fastened over the screen. A Fiber Optic Illumination system eliminates the heat factor and shadow pockets so common with high-intensity light bulbs. The fiber bundle is light in weight and five feet long so that the light source can be mounted away from the machine and spindle. The mechanical centering device located in the rear of the unit allows for simple centering which will always repeat the same point regardless of the rotation of the spindle, for rotating spindle machines. A 360 Degree rotate able screen with 1 Degree divisions, cross hairs and measuring circles will allow for pickup of any edge or point whether parallel, or at an angle to the X-Y Table of the machine or projector. The direct readability of the rotate able screen to 1 Degree increments allows for excellent angle measuring if finer divisions are necessary. It can be used in conjunction with the rotary table. The rotate able chart also has 12 additional circles whose value change with magnification but can be used for checking radii diameters and curves. The unit is so constructed that if special overlays are desired, simple four screw removal of the magnifier allows for direct fastening of overlays over the basic screen.

The projector comes with basic 20X magnification, but a 10X adapter is provided in the basic purchase price so that a 10X and 20X are part of the basic unit. Some types of work pieces are extremely difficult to illuminate as they either scatter light rays or reflect only a minimum of the light back to the optical system; either our FOI-150 or LuxPro-LED Illuminator can work, but we recommend more lightng the better. We recommend this unit when working with black work pieces, drawings on Mylar and some types of plastics. Unusually long working distances and the Fiber Optic Illumination System enables you to measure and check deeper, smaller and narrower holes than is possible with a mechanical probe. The resolution of the unit is such that 10X readings of .0005" are easily possible, .0003" at 20X. The lens system of the TCP-III is unequal in any small projector and makes an excellent addition to the readout system on Three Coordinate Measuring Machines and Jig Bores. The unit being light in weight with a 1/2" straight shank can be fastened directly in the spindle of any Three Coordinate Measuring Machine, Jig Borer or Vertical Milling Machine.

Basic Screen Overlay and Reticle Pattern: The primary screen has an indicating line located at the 0 Degree position. Over this is a rotate able screen that has a broken line pattern. These lines are 0-180 Degrees at right angles to this pattern 90-90 Degrees. The broken line pattern allows for fine discrimination of hairlines or edges on the work piece. The 1 Degree divisions over 360 Degrees permit angle measurement and checking of special cutters. The broken pattern circle chart allows for diameter and radius checking.

Image Magnifier: The basic image is re-magnified by a 2X lens located over the rotate able screen. This allows for better discrimination of the image from the work piece and the cross-hair and degree divisions. mechanical data:

Weight: 4.75 lbs. (2.16 Kilo) - Projector
Length: (front to rear): 9.5" (24.13mm) - 3/4 lbs.- Fiber Bundle
Shank Length: 3.00" (76.2mm)
Height (vertical minus objective lens and shank): 7.00" (177.8mm)