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Straight Blade Scraper and Tool
Micro Finishing

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Product Description

The BURR - TOOL is comprised of a blade having a triangular cross-section, held by a quick setting colleting device within a hand piece. This arrangement permits the cutter to be adjustable extended from the hand piece to a distance best suited to the work being performed, and to provide the essential protection against "nicks and cuts" experienced when an unguarded cutting edge is exposed beyond the actual working requirements. The Straight Blade is made of hardened high speed steel and is 3" in overall length. Ease of manipulation and a comfortable grip are provided by a 4 1/2" long, well proportioned hand piece having deeply cut serrations for ease of holding. The collets nose is round and serves as a practical guide in contact with the edge of the work piece. Consider these outstanding advantages:Adjustable and sheltered cutter length. Double life reversible cutter (finished ground at both ends.) Blade is made of high speed steel, wear resistant and accurately ground. Replacement blades available at low cost. Balanced comfortable hand grip. Superior and less costly than "shop improvised" scrapers made from carbon steel files, etc. Bull - nosed collets face serving as a non - marring edge guide.


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