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FX - 3 Extra Wide Field Stereo Microscope

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Product Description

The Model FX-3 produces both upright and optically correct images, enabling accurate remote visualization of the test subjects. It also offers exceptional measurement performance, an unusually long focal length, and extended depth of field –-especially at lower magnifications. This feature enhances efficiency when observing test articles, enabling clear viewing during micromanufacturing, assembly, and related visual inspection tasks. It also excels in distortion-free vision and effectively gathers natural light for most applications, delivering remarkably crisp imagery. Additionally, its wider fields of view and greater versatility distinguish it from other industrial grade widefield stereo microscopes currently on the market.

The Titan Tool Supply Model FX-3 industrial grade stereo microscope comes with a built-in 1X objective lens and an extra-wide field 10X eyepiece as standard. All lenses are hard-coated and include built-in color correction for enhanced image quality. Optional objectives, such as 0.5X, 1.5X, and 2X, can be purchased separately for different magnifications. An optional 20X eyepiece, as well as crosshair eyepieces at 10X and 20X magnifications, are also available. By combining these additional eyepieces and objectives, the Model FX-3 industrial-grade widefield stereo microscope offers up to six unique magnification options to suit a variety of applications.

The microscope stand body, featuring a rack and pinion focusing arrangement, allows for adjustments of up to 9.5 inches above the base plate for precise focusing. The Model FX-3’s binocular tube has a 45-degree incline and is equipped with diopter and variable inter-pupillary adjustments for comfortable and customizable viewing. Moreover, the supplied standard Model FX-3 microscope stand, with an aluminum base plate and vertical post, ensures stability and durability. This adaptability allows it to suit different working situations and manufacturing cell setups. It can also be easily modified to mount special stands onto machine tools, using 0.800-inch diameter tubing or drill rods. Weighing just 3.5 lbs., the microscope is also lightweight, for enhanced portability and ease of use.

For customer convenience, the Titan Tool Supply Model FX-3 industrial grade widefield stereo microscope is available with several additional optional lighting systems, including a 150-Watt Halogen fiberoptic illuminator, fiberoptic ring light, bi-furcated fiberoptic light guide, fluorescent ring light, and an LED ring illuminator. Additional accessories are available upon request. Please consult Titan Tool Supply for applications assistance.

Typical applications for the Model FX-3 industrial grade widefield stereo microscope include quality control and inspection of smaller manufactured parts, components, and assemblies, and particularly in industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, and photonics component manufacturing. Additionally, it

supports the precision assembly and soldering of smaller or more delicate components, as well as micro welding, micro drilling, and circuit board analysis. Within these applications, the microscope aids end-users in identifying defects, soldering issues, and component failures through visual inspection. It may be further specified to support material surface inspections, by helping to detect imperfections, scratches, cracks, and other surface irregularities. The microscope also supports gemology and jewelry visual inspections, and as needed for gemstone grading, gemstone authenticity determinations, and flaw or inclusion identification.

  • Stand: Aluminum base, plate 5.500" x 6" x .750" with .800" diameter vertical post.
  • Body: Rack and Pinion focusing arrangement with adjustment up to 9.500" above base plate.
  • Binocular Tube: Inclined at 45 Degree with Diopter adjustment and variable adjustment for inter-pupillary adjustment.
  • Eyepieces: Extra Wide Field 10X is standard with the unit. 20X can be purchased as an extra option. 10X and 20X Cross Hair Eyepieces available as an extra option.
  • Objectives: 1X is standard and built directly into the unit. Optional objectives .5X, 1.5X and 2X can be purchased separately.
  • Magnification: Six different magnifications are possible with the purchase of 1 extra set of eyepieces and additional objectives.
  • Image: Right side up and optically correct. Lenses: Hard coated with color correction. Weight: 3.5 lbs.
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FX - 3 Cross Hair Eyepiece 10X

FX - 3 Cross Hair Eyepiece 20X

FX - 3 Extra Eye Piece Pair 20X

FX - 3 Extra Eye Piece Pair 10X

FX - 3 Extra Objective Lens 0.5X

FX - 3 Extra Objective Lens 1.5X

FX - 3 Extra Objective Lens 2X

FX - 3 Used for Ring Light if not using extra objective