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Shaviv 155-90065 Mango II w/E-100, E-200 & E-300 Blades
Micro Finishing

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$20.05 $15.95
Product Description

Shaviv 155-90065 Mango II Set E Heavy DeBurr Rugged deburring set for heavy-duty deburring of holes, slots and edges.

E holder supports all E blades.

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Shaviv 151-29034 High Speed Steel Blade E-100

Shaviv 151-29040 High Speed Steel Blade E-200

Shaviv 151-29042 High Speed Steel Blade E-300

Shaviv 151-29044 High Speed Steel Blade E-350

Shaviv 151-29045 High Speed Steel Blade E-600

Shaviv 151-29046 High Speed Steel Blade E-601

Shaviv 153-29004 E Blade Holder