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Modular Toolscope Monocular Microscopes

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Product Description

Modular Toolscope Microscope complete with 10X Eyepiece just purchase desired magnification objective from below related accessories.

The TITAN Modular Toolscope is an optically correct, monocular alignment type Microscope. It can be purchased as separate components. This monocular microscope can be made as simple or complicated as you desire. There are 11 different magnifications possible by purchasing an additional 20X Eyepiece complete with reticle as a separate option. The basic unit comes equipped with a 10X Eyepiece which allows for 10 different magnifications. The advantage of an additional 20X Eyepiece is that it allows for the same working distance as the 10X but doubles the Magnification.

The other magnifications for this monocular microscope are arrived at by purchasing extra Objective Lenses. The total magnification is computed by multiplying the value of the 10X Eyepiece times the value of the Objective Lens. Please note when initially purchased The toolscope comes with 10X Eyepiece. The 20X Eyepiece is always extra. Order # MTS-20

EXTRA OBJECTIVE LENSES: .3X, .5X, .75X, 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 40X available, (all objective lenses are color coated and corrected).

Modular Toolscope Monocular Microscopes

We offer you sturdy, well-designed components which enable you to adapt this instrument to your own special needs. The uses for the Toolscope are endless, from Metrology, to mounting in special fixtures on machines, or for alignment purposes. The unit has found many applications in the microelectronics industry to alignment on grinders, small hole drilling applications as a measuring microscope or an inexpensive Toolmakers Microscope. The building block principle allows for complete flexibility in design and usage.

Mounting for Toolscopes
By purchasing the Toolscope with the Mounting Bracket, you have the advantage of a rack and pinion with fine adjustment, and you can also fasten it onto any 1.00" diameter post. The M-A-1 Mounting bracket also enables you to rotate the Microscope frame 360 degrees in its circular holder for viewing in any position. The Mounting Bracket is 3.54" long in the back for rigidity, with a 1.00" mounting hole. The fine adjustment allows 2.93'' travel: 1.25" above and 1.68" below the zero position. The center distance of the post mounting hole to the microscope frame mounting hole is 5.62". This allows a large work area, free from obstructions for special apparatus. It will fit Models MTSM, MTSF and MTSI.

Model TS-O is an ideal fixture for mounting and adjusting the 3 Toolscope models for various applications. Movements are as follows: X Axis - 3.15" Rack and Pinion. Y Axis - 2.68'' Rack and Pinion. Z Axis - 2.72" Rack and Pinion. Four drilled and counter bored holes are provided for easy mounting.

Model TS-N also has 3 Axis Rack and Pinion Adjustment as well as the ability to be mounted on a Rotary clamp on its 1.00" Dia. Post Movements are Z Axis - 2.64". X Axis - 1.18''. Y Axis .870". All three Axis adjustments are precision Rack and Pinion movements well suited for Model MTSM, MTSF and MTSI Toolscopes.

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Modular Toolscope  

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0.3X Microscope Objective Lens

0.5X Microscope Objective Lens

0.75X Microscope Objective Lens

1X Microscope Objective Lens

2X Objective Lens

3X Objective Lens

4X Microscope Objective Lens

5X Obective Lens

10X Microscope Objective Lens

20X Microscope Objective

40X Microscope Objective Lens

10X Eyepiece for Modular Toolscope

20X Eyepiece Modular Toolscope