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Titan Mirror Tube Viewing System

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Product Description

TheTMTVS-51210 allows the viewing of holes and  cavities at 5X Magnification to a depth of 2.00" without
any attachments. Included with the unit are two separate twist on mirror tubes which are .196" (5 mm) diameter with viewing depth of 1.00" (25 mm) and .236" (6 mm) which allows penetration of up to 1.20" (30 mm). Both mirrors are mounted for 90 Degree viewing allowing for review of undercuts, intersecting holes and cavities.

The TMTVS-51210 System is portable and sturdily constructed for many years of continuous usage. Illumination is possible through a miniature Halogen Light Bulb projecting the illumination directly on the axis down the hole. There is never a dark spot. Power source are 2 AA Batteries (not included).

The system is an ideal addition to any Quality Control or Inspection Department with broad applications in the Aerospace, Food, Electronics, Computer Industries and etc.

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