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Micro Drill Geometry Analyzer Microscope
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Product Description
Micro Drill Geometry Analyzer Microscope
In todays Micro Manufacturing and Microelectronics Industries has increased the requirement for better geometry, finish and accuracy for miniature carbide drills. The principal methods of checking geometry, finish and accuracy is through the use of Optical Comparators and Toolmakers Microscopes. Both instruments are multipurpose tools, which are useful but time consuming setups not really suited for a miniature single purpose tool such as the carbide Micro Drill Geometry Analyzer.
This brought about the design of the MDGA for the specific function of checking of these miniature carbide drills. We have designed into the instrument all the functions necessary to completely inspect all the geometry and grinding finishes of the drill, whether it is new, or re-sharpened once, or numerous times.
The 30X Magnification of the Microscope with the Special Reticle, and 2 Position Viewing of the Drill, as well as the ability to rotate the drill 360 Degrees in a precision collets holder, allows all necessary checks to complete inspection. The Micro Drill Analyzing Microscope was so designed that two different views, in two different planes of the drill to be inspected, are possible without changing the setup.
The drill is fastened into a precision 1/8" collets holding device that allows for 360 Degrees rotation of the drill via a knurled rotating knob located beyond the collets opening plunger. A limited travel rack and pinion adjustment brings the drill into focus.