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Titan Micro-Bore Viewing System

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Product Description

The Titan Micro-Bore Viewing System is a uniquely patented concept for optical checking of micro-bores and cavities. This optical device will allow the internal viewing of micro-bores, tubes and cavities as small as .039" (1 mm) to .315" ( 8 mm) with depths up to 10.00" (250 mm). The optical system is composed of 17 different lenses each with a predetermined focal length. The minimum being .020" to a maximum 10.00".

These lenses are mounted in a rotary disc and marked from .5 to 25 determining the focal length in millimeters when multiplied by a factor of 10. The disc is rotated clockwise as one views down the length of the tube or cavity, to focus from the minimum to the maximum depth. Magnification is 10X at minimal focus point and decreases to 2X at the furthest point.

The illumination system is on the Optical Axis and provided by a miniature 2.5 Volt Halogen Light Bulb. The light is then collimated and projected on a mirror that bends the light path 90 Degrees down the length of the tube or cavity. For deep cavities, additional illumination may be necessary . This can be provided as back lighting by the titan intra-light, needle-light, or titan micro-probe illumination kits utilizing Fibre-Optics.

The Titan Micro-Bore Viewing System answers a major need for industry. It is portable and easily fits in the vest pocket of any inspector. Its total weight is only 4 ounces. The power source employed are 2 AA Batteries (not included).

The TMBS-124102 overcomes some of the many lighting limitations of Miniature Borescopes. It is inexpensive in price, rugged, and will not break as easily as the probes on small diameter borescopes.

The applications for this type of instrument encompasses a complete range of industries. Metal working to view miniature drilled, bored and ground holes. Electro-Plating to inspect the inside of small tubes and cavities. Electronics to view the inside of computer components while in use. Aircraft to inspect the inside of miniature holes in jet blades, and valve bodies. Locksmiths can now view the inside of most locks with many other applications as aerospace, hydraulic, chemical, food, foundry and others too numerous to mention.

The TMBS-124102 is an easily affordable optical instrument to be used by inspectors, Machinists, Locksmiths, Electro-Platers, Extruders, Gunsmiths and repairmen in many industries

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