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LuxPro LED Fiberoptic Illuminator
LuxPro LED

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Product Description

Titan Tool Supply's new LuxPro LED Illuminator sets the standard for the new generation of LED Fiber Optic Illuminators.
Harnessing the power of the industry's highest performing high-output LED's, the LuxPro LED is as bright or brighter than traditional illuminators, making it a viable alternative to existing halogen technology.
Designed for optimal thermal management to maximize reliability and optical performance, the LuxPro LED provides exceptional stability, uniformity and a more consistent color temperature than traditional EKE light sources.

Benefits include:
• Exceeds Performance of 150w Halogen Illuminators; Higher Brightness, Better Color, Longer Life, Half the Energy Consumption and Reduced Ownership Costs
• Advanced Heat Pipe Technology Using Metal Core PCB's
• Superior, Precision Engineered Cooling for Extremely Quiet Operation
• Low Energy Consumption Increases Safety and Reliability
• Maintenance Free LED's Have a Minimum Lifetime of 25,000 Hours
• Eliminates 100's of Lamp Replacements
• 5/8" (0.625") Standard Nose Piece to fit all Titan Fiberoptic Light Guides

Additional Features and Benefits:
• Consistent Color Temperature
• Small Footprint and Rugged Housing is Suitable for Mounting and Stacking in Space Constrained Environments
• Linear Light Intensity Control with Continuous Dimming
• Accepts Virtually any Light Guide with Quick Change Adapters
• Universal Power Supply for Worldwide Operation
• 1 Year Warranty

Technical Data:
Color Temperature
Cool White 4500 K
Voltage 96-264 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Power 80 Watts
Lifetime Minimum 25,000 hours
Typical 50,000 hours

1.00” Diameter Nosepiece with a 0.625” adapter bushing to fit all Titan Fiber Optic Lightguides and Fiberoptic Ring Illuminators.

Dimensions: 6"L x 4.75"W x 9" D

Unit Weight 7 lbs

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