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Fiber Optic Light Guides
Light Guides

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Product Description

Single Strand Bundle Fiber Optic Light Guides are generally used as supplemental lighting for hard to reach areas wherein the built-in illumination is too weak in intensity as in borescopes viewing a distant wall or spotlight affects to a distinct area.

FOI - 2
A single strand semi-free standing light guide, .500" outside diameter Metal Sheathing, .250" fiber optic light guides. This unit is 48" long and can be mounted on a machine tool for extra illumination. It was specifically designed as supplemental light source to be used with Titan Borescopes when the light in the unit is not sufficient. This can happen when the work piece is located too far away from the Borescope to be properly illuminated from the small diameter bulbs in Borescopes. Sometimes there is also a need for a supplemental light source if the unit to be viewed is made of a highly light absorbing material and does not reflect any light. It has to be used in conjunction with the FOI-150 Watt Halogen Illuminator or the  Illuminator.

FOI - 3
This unit is similar in all respects to FOI-2 in usage, length, and applications. The difference is this unit has a .350" outside diameter and .125" diameter light guide. Its principal application is where the diameter of the entrance hole does not allow a larger light pipe to be used. It has to be used in conjunction with the FOI-150 Watt Halogen Illuminator or LuxPro LED Fiber Optic Illuminator.

FOI - 4
This unit is identical to FOI-2 in diameter, length and sheathing except it is completely flexible and will not support itself. Ideal in applications where it has to be fastened to a moving part that adjusts in an X, Y, Z axis such as on a machine. It has to be used in conjunction with the FOI-150 Watt Halogen Illuminator or LuxPro LED Fiber Optic Illuminator.

FOI - 5
A single strand 72" long light guide with some highly unusual characteristics. It is ultra flexible but the .400" diameter Fiber Bundles are protected by an inner spring with outside PVC covering. Experience has proven this is as strong as metallic sheathing used for the FOI-2, FOI-3 and FOI-4. The glass fibers used in this unit are ultra high transmission light guides that carry 40% - 50% more light than ordinary glass fibers of the same diameter. Used with the FOI-150 Watt Halogen Illuminator or the LuxPro LED Fiber Optic Illuminator.

These units are highly desirable with several distinct advantages over Fiber Optic Light Guides. They have excellent light gathering capabilities with almost no light lost over distance which results in much higher light intensity on the remittance end. They are also excellent carriers of Ultra-Violet (U.V.) Light. They have a N.A. of .47 and are usable from 270 to 720mm. These Light Guides are usually more flexible than Fiber Optic Light Guides. The usual construction is of flexible plastic tube filled with a transparent, anaerobic non-toxic liquid, covered by a flexible metallic tubing over which a thin PVC jacket is drawn. Both ends of the Bundle are sealed by a polished fused silica glass window. The usual Bundle is 72" long with a 5 mm Liquid Bundle and .412" outside diameter. The end that fits into the Light Source is .625" Diameter to fit the FOI-150 Watt Halogen Illuminator or the LuxPro Fiber Optic Illuminator.

Note: All Light Guides have a  0.625" proximal end fitting that fits our FOI-150 and LuxPro LED Fiberoptic Illuminators which come standard with a 1.00" nosepiece and a 0.625" adapter bushing.

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