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Dia-Strip and Dia-Sheets
Micro Finishing

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Product Description

PURE VIRGIN DIAMOND POWDERS in its most highly concentrated form, expertly graded for uniformity and held in place by a thin nickel bond, with 90% of the grains exposed for cutting. This comprises DIA-STRIP which is 1/2" X 2" Strips and the DIA-SHEETS which are 2" X 4" Sheets.

It's ultra thin from .003" to .012" which makes it completely flexible, bendable and formable. The grains cannot escape as in Diamond Compound because they are held in a hard bond. This results in the most versatile cutting, lapping and polishing agent available to the Metal working and Electronics Industries.

It will cut any material from steel to carbide to ceramics and glass, plastics and wood. This will outlast any other abrasive and in its highly concentrated form will even out perform many other Diamond products. There is no other means of achieving such a high concentration in any other bonding method. It is available in seven different grits from coarse 80/100 grit to the superfine 1100 grit. The thickness is proportionate to the grain size or coarseness. The thinnest 1100 Grit is only .003" thick to the coarse 60/80 which is .015" thick. This, of course, determines its flexibility. It can be cut to any size by a pair of scissors or tin snips. The Strips or Sheets are absolutely flat on the back side so they can be easily bonded to any material or shape to make SPECIAL TOOLS, LAPPS, OR WHEELS. For joining to another material, we suggest any of the many two part epoxies that will stand up to heat and cooling fluids. There are many epoxies that meet this criteria. We suggest you consult your experts in this area.


  • Special Lapps.

  • Special De-Burring Tools.

  • Special Diamond Wheels.

  • Special Shaped Diamond Dressers for Aluminum Oxide or Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheels and Stones.

  • Special Hones.

  • Sanding Discs.

PLASTIC MOLD AND DIE CAST DIES. Polishing in thin Slots And Slits where Polishing Stones would break. It can be fastened to any backing from thin (Sucker Sticks) to strips of plastic for this purpose.

Special Files can be made from it for materials where ordinary files wear out fast, or specials are necessary.

POLISHING CARBIDE or CERAMICS. It can even be used on E.D.M. finishes which are normally too hard to be touched by most abrasives.

It's the ideal answer for any situation, timing is immediate for special applications and cheaper than having special diamond tooling made. It's an excellent emergency solver.

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