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D Series Extendable Borescope
Rigid Borescopes

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$4,370.00 $3,000.00
Product Description

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Specifications for "D" Series Rigid Borescopes:

The "D" Series Rigid Borescope comes complete with 4 Viewing Heads, 2 units of 40" Extension Sections. Main Body, Variable Transformer and Wooden Box.

Extra: 40" Extensions: Up to 6 - 40" Extensions are practical.

Construction: Sectional - Main Body 22" Long - Sections 40" Long, Appearance same as "C" Series.

Packaged: Wooden Box, 1 each Straight Forward Vision Head, Sideways Vision, Forward Oblique, and Rear Oblique Viewing Heads, Variable Transformer 0-6 Volts, Main Body and 2 Sections of 40 Length. 2 Spare Bulbs.

Magnification: 10X

Diameter of Body: .800" Will enter Cavity of .803" and Larger.

Working Length: Full Length of Unit - 22" or 62" or 102" - Longer with Optional Sections.

Focal Length: .040" to Infinity.

Field of View: 40 Degrees

Electrical: A Variable Step Down Transformer from 110 Volts to 6 Volts

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