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Carbide Micro Grinding Pin - Borazon
Diamond & Borazon Jig Grinding Mandrels

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Product Description


Borazon Grinding Pins designed to meet an increasing 

demand for extremely small precision ID grinding . We are delighted to present the new line of Micro Borazon Pins.

The demand derives from various industries such as Ceramic and Electronics. We now offer the smaller diameter pins starting at 0.016" diameter as standard tools.

The pins are available on a Carbide Shank - for extra strength and precision.

Order Number        Grit             D            T         L1         Y            L     

CMPB-016            500/600    0.016"   0.118"  0.354"   1/8"    1.570"

CMPB-020            325/400    0.020"   0.118"  0.354"   1/8"    1.570"

CMPB-020            325/400    0.024"   0.118"  0.354"   1/8"    1.570"

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