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The New CS Series Centering Microscopes

They all come with hardened and ground 1/2” diameter shanks so that they are adaptable to all machines through the use of collets. It is suggested if it will be used continuously in one machine that it be fitted with its own collets.

The CS Series Centering Microscope have a “Prismatic” centering device where only two screws are needed for especially simple and fast centering to compensate for spindle runout. The prismatic setting on the CS Series has the advantage of not changing the settings of one axis while you are adjusting the other axis, as both settings are entirely independent of each other. Both methods can be quickly mastered. Special instructions come with the units. It is an easy matter to adjust the microscope for perfect centering every time.

Titan Centering Microscopes have an upright image, optically correct from left to right so that the operator sees the workpiece with the microscope the same as without it, Mistakes due to transposing or converting are eliminated.

The Titan Centering Microscopes are designed for job set-up and inspection with vertical milling machines, large jig borers, boring mills, lathes, electrical discharge machines, tape-controlled machines, drill presses. Three Coordinate Measuring Machines.

The CS centering microscopes come in 5 main models:

  • CS-10X  10X Magnification
  • CS-20X  20X Magnification
  • CS-50X  50X Magnification
  • CS-100X 100X Magnification
  • CS-200X 200X Magnification
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Centering Microscope