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C Series Rigid Borescopes
Rigid Borescopes

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Product Description

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C Series small-diameter borescopes are designed for general use in inspection areas with diameters as small as 0.40" (10.2mm). 6 models cover a wide range of working lengths from 6" to 60" (152.4mm to 1524mm). Standard models include a wall-plug transformer. An optional flashlight adapter allows for in-field illumination and use.

Features & Specifications

Diameter: 0.400" (10.16mm) to enter cavity of 0.402" (10.21mm)

Working Lengths: 6" to 60" (152.4mm to 1524mm)

Illumination: Internal light unit in objective prism assures even lighting throughout

Magnification: 10X

Field of View: Objective with 30 field of view

Focal Length: 0.040" (1mm) to infinity

Other Features: Complete with three interchangeable heads for forward-oblique, side, and rear vision

Wall plug transformer cord

Carrying case

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C Series Borescopes