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Borazon Grinding Mandrels - High Speed Steel
Diamond & Borazon Jig Grinding Mandrels

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Product Description

Titan Borazon Grinding Mandrels use GE CBN 570 and have a borazon concentration of 150%. These grinding mandrels are bonded with the famous Chrome-LOK bond. This unique bond prevents the classic problem with pins of abrasive dust covering the work surface and machine parts, thus prolonging the life of jig grinders and borers. The borazon grits are uniform in size so that all individual grains of the grinding pin are cutting at all times.

Our borazon grinding mandrels have high speed steel shanks that are centerless ground to 0.0005" Concentricity and a tolerance of + .0000"/- .0002".

All standard shanks are hardened to 42-55 Hrc. and are center-less ground to ensure a rigid, accurate, concentric and parallel pin blank.

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