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24 Long Bifurcated Light Guides
Light Guides

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Product Description

Bi-furcated Bundles are free standing Light Guides often utilized as an extra light source for microscopes and projectors. Their prime advantage is adjustability at any angle to the work piece, over , under or beside it what ever is necessary to maximize the lighting of the object to be observed or measured. It is easily handled. They can be used as secondary lighting to built-in illumination systems wherein the primary light source is insufficient due to long working distances, or light absorbing work pieces and for small miniature machining.

FOI - 1 - 24
A double bundle of .500" O.D. Metallic Sheathing each arm 24" long that can be bent to any shape and will maintain that shape and angle. It has a .250" fiber optic light bundle, one from each side. The stay-put feature of this illuminator makes it ideal for stereo or measuring microscopes. It can be used as supplementary light source for Projectors and Video Systems.

Note: The FOI-1-24 has a 1.00” proximal end fitting that fits our FOI-150 and LuxPro LED Fiberoptic Illuminators which come standard with a 1.00” nosepiece and a 0.625” adapter bushing.

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