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Angle Measuring Goniometer Eyepiece
Measuring Microscopes

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Product Description

Titan 10X Angle Measuring Eyepiece Model AME-5M

The Titan Protractor Eyepiece Measures over 360 Degrees to an accuracy of 5' (minutes) by the use of Rotary Vernier and a simple Cross Hair Eyepiece.

The white scale on a black background is easy to read and enlarged by a 10X Magnifier.

This unit can be used on 8 different Titan Microscopes, Models MTSM, MTSF and MTSI. Model MTSM-CMM Coordinate Toolscope, Model XAM-1 Single Axis Measuring Microscope, TM-8 and TM-10 Measuring Microscopes which are 23mm optical tubes. The TM-2 and TM-4 microscopes can use the AME- 5M but need to have a bushing made to fit the 30MM diameter eyepiece of this unit.

This Eyepiece can be invaluable for checking Cutting Tool Geometry and Angle Measurements.

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