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Titan Aligment Telescopes

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Product Description

Titan Alignment Telescopes provide an optically sharp image of objects that are too distant for microscope usage or where mechanical alignment is not feasible. Accuracies are greater than possible with a Cathetometer or similar instruments, yet the cost is considerably less than laser alignment equipment. Unlike laser type alignment, Titan's Alignment Telescopes offer an ever-present optical image, enabling a greater range of application.

The cylindrical body of the unit, combined with a variable focus optical system and an economical price, present numerous practical possibilities for mounting and uses. For example, the instrument can be mounted in any V-Block or special fixture in a bore. Its cylindrical shape, without adjustment knobs, permits easy hairline focusing throughout the range of the instrument. A wide knurled ring in the center of the zoom facilitates control of fine-focusing.

Reticles on the Linear Vision Straight Line of Sight Model ATRP-1 and Right Angle Vision Model BTRP-2 have dark, distinctive lines with numbered reference circles for points outside the center of the field. This feature simplifies use for larger work pieces or objects with many radii, edges and surfaces that are difficult to align.

Applications include alignment of larger work pieces, such as airplane, or missile parts, large turbines and other machinery, and work pieces on a machine in relation to a cutter or grinding wheel, and two-sided boring machines. Aligning parts in space, where physical contact is impossible, quality control of vinyl film, or rotating parts where mechanical alignment is difficult or not feasible, are additional featured uses.

Two Models Available: Model ATRP-1 for linear vision, straight line of sight work. Model BTRP-2 for vision requiring a right angle eyepiece to enable viewing the object from the top or sides in applications where it is impossible to look straight into the end of the unit because of mounting problems or where the unit has to be directly in line with a rotating work piece where the center of rotation must be correlated with a given mounting point that precludes straight line viewing. optical data Magnifications vary from 30X at 4.331" minimum focal length to 3X at infinity, with proportionate relationships between.

Optional 20X eyepiece for models ATRP-1 & BTRP-2 Order # TRP-5

Alignment Telescope  

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