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#1001 Hand Held Flashlight Comparator

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Product Description

Titan Flashlight Comparator No.1001
(Comes Complete with Reticle A)

The Titan Flashlight Comparator combines the advantages of 10X Power Magnification with an etched glass reticle and a consistent powerful light source. The lens is a triple Calmer type, achromatic with 10X Power Magnification and is located in a completely detachable head which can be used by itself as a simple 10X Magnifier. The Titan Comparator has found many uses by Machinist Tool Makers, Printers, Inspectors, etc.

The over-all length of the Titan #1001 Comparator with flashlight handle is 6 3/4". The length of head is 2", diameter of lens is 1" and the diameter of glass etched reticle is 2".

Reticle A
This reticle has circles from .002" - .062" dia. respectively, radi from 1/16" - 3/8" respectively. Angles from 0 Deg.-90 Deg. by 5 Degree increments. Standard length measurements from .016"- .250".A millimeter scale 10MM long divided in 0.2MM divisions and an inch scale .500" long divided by .0025" increments.

Reticle B
Used for checking the outline and accuracy of most standard American threads.

Reticle C
Divisions by 1Deg. increments from 0 Deg.- 360 Deg. with master cross line centering lines at 0 Deg., 90 Deg., 180 Deg. & 270 Deg.

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Reticle A for #1001 Flashlight Comparator

Reticle B for #1001Flashlight Comparator

Reticle C for #1001Flashlight Comparator