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ZDM-3 Depth Measuring Microscope
Measuring Microscopes

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Product Description

The Z Axis Vertical Measuring Displacement Microscope was designed to measure minute variations in height that do not lend themselves to mechanical means. It is proven to be ideally suited to many applications in the electronics industry. In the semiconductor field measurement of height of the bonded portion of lead wire, measurement of Wafer bump height, measurement of height of lead frames, solder height on many applications. In electronics components measurement of steps of hybrid I.C. It was also found to be ideal for measurement of height of terminal steps on Multi-Layer P.C.Boards. Other applications include measurement of depth of minute cracks, engraving depth of printing rolls and plastic molds, depth grooves of phonograph records and computer disks, measurement of the depth of the score on beverage cans, such as beer and soft drink.